They say tomorrow is the future, but the Truth said now is the future. This time and forward we are highly dependent on our act and skills in order to survive among the others. Not to mention, appearance also makes a huge impact when we need to show certain attitude and to show our identity. We need to be different to be the one that survive, you can't be just ordinary. And having a garment that are designed with a unique set of fabrics, shape and pocket to help us identify our self and keep the most important things at our disposal, is always a pleasure.


Maverick has the uniqueness of you and the shape of your identity and strong will.


Maverick was made by the form of insurgencies, to any results from the past. Made out of a High Quality Japanese Silk that embraces the serenity in between the present, and firm Woven Fabric that represents the boldness in every steps ahead.


To help you face the Truth. To make you Maverick.

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