Nowadays people always have to find their way to succeed. The individuality of the world make us who we are. We also need to keep moving as the world keeps running. We need to pursue our dream. Work on it day and night, we are dream hunters. Having a garment to help you move quickly, firmly and having all your stuff there is a privilege. And Jäger might be the one that help you succeed. Jäger is a minimalist and responsive outer designed for daily use. It provides the protection and comfort.


It is made for those who like to keep it simple but stay functional because you need to act, move, and respond quickly.


Featured a full zip system and half down button as an air circulation system. The jacket also comes with a big pocket in the chest and two side pockets to carry your most valuable things to commute. For those who need a little more space, Jäger will provide with detachable pouch on the rear side. It's not just a pocket, it's a handbag.


Jäger made from high quality breathable cotton with classic military color and woven fabric. It will protect you on your quest and help you to achieve your dream. It's you and Jäger.

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