For now and the times to come, the world urges us to find our place and to act the way we need to in order to survive. During the process, appearance is a way to declares of which attitude and identity we are formed. It is a conversation between us and other warriors in the world to show our core truth in silence.


It is a great excellence to have a garment that could tell who we are and work adaptively at the same time to support our lifestyle. And Hadēs might be an answer for you to take on a journey.


To full fill adaptive purposes, Hadēs featured with detachable collar sleeve that provide us dual form of a jacket in order to respond to certain conditions. A full zip system allows us to move quickly and supports with six pockets to carry multiple load. The two sizable pockets are made to give us more protection.


Hadēs is a garment made with High Quality Cotton-Drill fabric to create a firm shape and give a modest yet bold appearance. It is designed to allow us to experience more various scenarios in our daily life.


Speak your truth, stay Hadēs.

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